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Best Photo of 2011 by monofacture

Sat Dec 17, 2011, 1:17 AM

Special Poll will start very soon :w00t:

:bulletpink: What Is Best Photo of 2010 :bulletpink:

This contest is very special because It summarize all our hard work. Let me eplain It a lil bit :)
Photograph is submitted to monofacture then chosen to Daily Photo Contest (10 photos selected by us).
Photograhy wins Daily Photo Contest then It goes to Weekly Photo Contest (7 photos, winners of Daily Photpo Contests)
After It wins Weekly Photo Contest It goes to Monthly Photo Contest (4 photos, winners of Weekly Photo Contests)
When It wins Monthly Photo Contest we make sepcial blog to feature winner and It waits till today.
Accepted to monofacture>Chosen to Daily Photo Contest>Win DPC>Win Weekly Photo Contest>Win Monthly Photo Contest

:bulletyellow: Summary of 2011 :bulletyellow:

Daily Photo Contest: 2940 Photos

Weekly Photo Contest: 294 Photos

Monthly Photo Contest: 40 Photos

Votes:We voted over 100 000 times !!!

:bulletyellow: WINNERS :bulletyellow:

:bulletgreen: January winner is :bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: Morning Mood by Tatiannna :bulletblue:

:bulletgreen: February  winner is:bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: ...Wroclaw4... by canismaioris :bulletblue:

:bulletgreen: March  winner is :bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: Eiffel Tower by bucz :bulletblue:

:bulletgreen: April winner is :bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: Another night in Paradise by XavierJamonet :bulletblue:

:bulletgreen: May  winner is:bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: La pomme s'envole by AmandineRopars :bulletblue:

:bulletgreen: June winner is :bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: advice by basharbbr :bulletblue:

:bulletgreen:July winner is:bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: The saddest music in the world by bittersweetvenom :bulletblue:

:bulletgreen: August winner is :bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: Impossible is nothing. by Lentilcia :bulletblue:

:bulletgreen: Septmember winner is :bulletgreen

:bulletblue: feathers I I by Dabadus :bulletblue:

:bulletgreen: October winner is :bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: Dare by iNeedChemicalX :bulletblue:

There is only 10 free spots in deviantArt poll... November and December winners will take part in 2012 poll..

:heart: :heart: :heart:

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Skin by Ikue (modified by Piurek)
paulo6 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2011
uma melhor que a outra!
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December 17, 2011


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